Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun Chalkboard Projects for Home

If you like the chalkboard trend but aren't really into painting a whole wide wall, I've got news for you. I've gathered some excellent ideas from all over the blogosphere, and they're really quite fun too. Chalboarding might have never been this easy.
bedzine pots
Paint your pots with chalkboard paint for easy marking on your plants. Can you imagine it in a herbal garden? Great!
house to home jar labels
I think labelling is one of the coolest functions of using chalkboard paint. These are so cute!
can house and home placecards
This is a great idea for parties and events. I could totally picture these in a wedding.vinyl chalkboard
An even easier option to paint are vinyl wall decals. No need to get dirty! 

Anyhoo, these are little cute ideas, easy to do and fun, for your home.

If you are into major changes (should I say, challenges), chalboard paint still has more ideas for us!!!! (I could really, and I mean really talk about this forever). =)

Let's start sharing the ideas...
apt ther magnetic paint
You might have heard or read about magnetic paint. If not, here it goes: there's actual magnet paint on the market. Just as easy to do on your walls as regular paint, it instantly turns any smooth surface into a magnetic board.
But even cooler, if you use chalkboard paint afterwards. Your surface pretty much becomes a real chalkboard, ready for you to hang thing on it (just as we do with our fridge).
apt ther mag chalk
It's out of this world for me. According to multiple tutorials, you just have to paint with magnetic paint, and THEN use the chalkboard paint. Piece of cake!

And finally, this is something that got me really hooked. Did you know you could have your own chalkboard paint in your own color of choice?
I tell you, things keep getting better and better! The always fab, Martha Stewart tells us how:
custom chalkboard how to MS custom color chalkboard
So, you need only 1 cup of flat-finish latex paint and 2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout (white). That's all there is to it.

I've read that it's easier for you to mix the grout in a little water before mixing it with your paint, because the grout makes it heavy.

So there you have it. Of course the basic black and green chalkboard paints are pretty, but why have limitations on us and our home projects? 
chalkboard tray
apartment therapy
colored chalkboard
I tell you, options are endless!