Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Enlosocial's First Anniversary

I'm so excited to share with you the latest issue of Enlosocial, the luxury and lifestyle magazine for which I contribute with interior design and architecture articles.


This time, I'm talking about an amazing house in Somosaguas, bu Spanish firm A-Cero Arquitectos.

And then there's of course the deco-trends.

Brands include Casa Midy, Bodie and Fou and Karen Collignon.

This issue came with a great party, since Enlosocial is celebrating its first anniversary. The place:  Scuderia bistro-bar. One of my personal favorites.

photography by micho romero via scuderia

So it was a good night, and I feel blessed to be part of it all. Congratulations to Enlosocial!


By the way, we're excited because Enlosocial goes national, starting with Mexico City, Monterrey and Mayan Riviera, besides Guadalajara. However, for all of you outside of Mexico, you can visit Enlosocial's profile in Facebook, where you can even check out complete issues, such as the last one. You can find your way to my collaboration. =)

Have a gorgeous day!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yellow and Gray Inspiration

I didn't use to like yellow - not for my home, my clothes or even my paintings. I tend to like cooler colors. And yet, I've seen the gray-yellow trend lately and I've got to confess, I love it. I find it quite pleasing, refreshing and balanced. Ranging from dark gray to the lightest one, yellow sparks here and there are the perfect mix to generate gorgeous rooms.

How do you like it?

Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Projects - Shelves

I love shelves. I think they are very usefull and one of the simplest projects for home decor. Shelves have always been handy but I'm finding them to be very trendy lately as well. Here are some very inspirational pics I've gathered with excellent ideas for diy shelving. It's all about using what you've got, baby. ;)

A few boxes are all it takes for this cute mudroom, via apartment therapy.


Interesting use of pallets, as seen in lubird baby.

Box wines look so different when using gift-wrap paper. These are via design sponge.
Cin decor also shares wine box ideas.

You could also use old drawers. I love how be home made used them in her shop.
And last, but definitely not least, the cutest and most original idea, by sas interiors showing almost any object is good enough for shelves. Gotta love it if you have kids in the house.

So let there be no excuse, this weekend you can make your very own and simple shelves. Please share with us if you try!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Touch of Violet

Violet  is one of my favorite colors since I can recall. I wasn't a pink gal, I was a purple and lillac lover. However, I just came to realize I generally don't think about lillac for decor. Perhaps it's because it's quite a strong color, and it would easilly get messed up if not used in the right proportions and tones (think girly or tacky). Doing it carefully, though, I think it can be quite a statement.

I know violet is not right for everybody, but what do you think?

My favorite pics:
the happy door (that very violet is amazing)
and the succulents
(see how lovely it goes with turquoise?)

Have yourself a happy day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stylish and Happy Doll House

I've always liked doll houses. In fact, I firmly believe my design addiction grew on me since I was a little girl, all because of doll houses. I had one, I still secretly keep the tiny furniture. Even now in my early thirties with a girl who's begining to leave toys behind, I still feel an irresistible attraction towards doll houses. I want them all. And making my own doll house is even more appealing to me, because it involves everything I like: houses, interior design, tiny things, DIYing, crafting, you name it!

So I guess you'll know by now my amazing surprise with the lovely house Megan from mouse house made for her girls.


Ain't it a beauty? She's fun, happy, and full of details! She's got it all, especially tiny towels, frames, art, a craft room, all made by the amazing  Megan.
It gets me thinking I should make a doll house too. Although I guess I should finish doing my real home before I make a doll one, right? =)
P.S. There are a few days left before the giveaway closes, so join us! You have the chance to win a beautiful enamel sign, courtesy of Ramsing. For more info on how to participate, click here!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY- The Perfect Lamp for Kids

Looking for a simple yet amazing DIY for the weekend? I found it at matsutake, with her gorgeous stuffed animal lamp. It's perfect for any kid's room for your kids or as a present. Just take any animal made of fabric, coat it with a fabric stiffener, pull out all stuffing, and stuff the light string inside (be sure to use LED lights only if you don't want safety issues- and of course we don't, do we?)

Easy-peasy. And delightful.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GIVEAWAY Ramsign Enamel Signs

Hi friends! I am so happy to be sharing good news with you today.
There's a giveaway in Casa Haus, yay!!!!

This giveaway is brought to you by Ramsign, a small Danish firm specializing since 1991 in the manufacture of genuine hand-craft signs. Ramsign offers original design and glossy enamel, with a 30-year warranty and free worldwide delivery. Wow. 

Don't you just love them already?

Take a look at some of their gorgeous signs.

These house plaques are so lovely, full of character and personality.

They'd be great in a beautiful cottage, or anywhere you want them.
I really love them! They feel so romantic to me.

Best of all, Ramsign is giving one house number plaque to one lucky winner.

Elegibility to win one house number plaque from Ramsign:

1) Visit Ramsign  and pick your favorite plaque style, then share it in a comment in this entry. Be sure to leave your email address for me to contact you if you are the lucky one.
2) For a second chance to win, write a blog post in your blog with link to Casa Haus, and share the good news! Become a google follower and leave another comment with the link.
3) For a third chance to win, link to this giveaway in Twitter, then leave a comment with your Twitter link.
4) For a fourth chance to win, link to this giveaway in Facebook, then leave a comment with your FB profile.

Giveaway ends August 30th at 8:00 p.m. PST. One winner chosen at random from all contestants from Casa Haus English and Casa Haus Español. Open worldwide.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exposed Bricks


There's something I love and cannot get enough of with brick walls. I find it a gorgous resource for decorating. Rustic meets modern and chic is definitely one of my favorite design styles. I love its rich texture, especially the white kind of washed ones. Pair it up with a chandelier, and voilá, you've got yourself a winner!

So, if you're fortunate enough to have a brick wall, I would definitely recommend making it the star of the room.

This time, I think I can't make up my mind.
Do you have a single favorite?