Friday, March 26, 2010

Casa Green - Terrariums

I received a couple of questions regarding this image of designer Thom Filicia. Are you familiar with terrariums?

Terrariums come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They are so elegant and own a timeless beauty.

I love organic shaped containers for terrariums.

And I love easy-to-do,  Martha Stewart terrariums.

Especially when they are such a fun project to do with kids.

Light bulbs are also another great alternative.

Closed terrariums are a great choice for tropical plants.

If  you choose a desert theme for your terrarium, you need your container to be open.

Posibilities are endless.

I'm especially intrigued by air plants.

A few important notes if you're considering growing a terrarium:
You'll need:

A layer of gravel.
A layer of charcoal.
Potting mix.

Mist the soil before covering.

Terrariums need light, so a place close to a window is an excellent place for it. Don't put it under direct light.

If you'd like to do a single plant terrarium, do it easy with a container. Be sure to arrange 1 inch of pebbles in the base. Use a ceramic pot for your plant (not a plastic one). Mist the soil with water before you cover it. Piece of cake!

Are you tempted by terrariums? I am!

{images via: decor8, remodelista, martha stewart, designswan, design sponge, house beautiful, real simple, renest, the fern and mossery}

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redeArTh said...

Theyr' Beautiful !

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