Thursday, June 24, 2010

Old Crush, New Possibilites

I think I'm falling in love again with my oldest crush.
And how could I not to be crazy about this little guy, when it's so much fun and gives me infinite possibilities?

Chalkboard paint. That's what I'm talking about. You weren't thinking otherwise, now were you?

chalkboard fridge
 What better place to write down your lists? Can't forget a thing. Click on the link for the instructions on how to turn your fridge into a chalboard. Anybody interested?
BHG garage
A perfect way to organize clutter. Everything's in place. You only need to write down each of the drawers' tags.
White study customised red chest of drawers label drawers files L etc 10/2007 Pub Orig
Then again, there's Mr. Blackboard paint, all classic and elegant. The drawers in this chest stand out beautifully from the red.
nest black dining room
The thing about black chalkbard paint is its sophisticated and modern look, yet a vintage twist. Of course it's always a big plus if you own a bookshelf like this one. That's a hot wall to me!
bhg black wall
Speaking of hot wall treatments, I'm so in love with this room. Now you know what to do when your teenage kid asks you for a black room. And it allows expression. I couldn't think of a better combo for any youngster. I also love how everything comes together, the black walls, the blue and lime beddings, The Beatles...
bhg black room
This is the other side of the room. It's so fresh and fun.
When talking about walls, kids generally get away with the coolest, most creative of them all.
Just take a look at the village sillouette in this nursery. I personally think it's a little too spooky for a baby or any small child, for that matter, but the idea is very cool. My daughter (9), would LOVE it.
howshouse tree mural
Toddlers can get hours of fun with any sillouette they can find, especially if they can doodle as much as they want.
howshouse table mediamatic symbolic table
Transform any table into the greatest toy in their room!
Images from here  and here.
Which is your favorite so far?

Think through, 'cause I've still got one more to go.

Last, but definitely NOT least, my favorite of them all:

blackboard vw
bochito pizarron
Ain't it cute?
Now I understand my chalkboard crush!
(blogging IS my therapy)

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Unknown said...

otra buenisima idea para los niños! yo estuve pensando en hacer eso en un muro del cuarto de mi hijo!