Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Anniversary Getaway

A few days before our wedding anniversary, we checked our options for a weekend getaway. Of course, there were lots of beautiful places to go, but as usual, we had our "money-and-time" limit. San Miguel Allende was a big favorite, as you may recall from my  Casa de Sierra Nevada post (gorgeous hotel!). Very tempting indeed, but we made up our minds and chose Tapalpa, since it's closer to  Guadalajara (we didn't want to spend our weekend driving around).

Friday afternoon: we head to Tapalpa. Our hotel, El Remanso, was Joaquin's discovery.

What can I say? This getaway was more like my second honey moon. I got crazy with the views and my camera (there are over 250 pics as evidence). Since there are soooo many pretty pictures, I'll keep my words to a minimum, and let the images do what they do best: inspire us! ;)

Drumroll please.

We're welcomed by a beautiful brick wall. The yellow in the window is the hotel's very signature. Lots of details are painted this yellow.

I love the green and brick contrast.

Our amazing view from our very own room.

This is the lobby, and it pretty much shows the architecture and style around El Remanso. Rustic and modern at the same time.

I fell in love with our room the moment I saw it. The floor is concrete, which is a very modern trend these days. You can see the hammock and balcony (with the beautiful view).

I love the little onix window over the beds. As soon as the sun rose, it lit up, just like a lamp.

This is the bathroom wall, one of my favorite details around the room. Once again, the wall covering is concrete, with wooden circles that look great but also help to clear the area.

The dock was one of our favorite places to spend time. Surrounding beauty was amazing. There's that yellow again.

How could I not like to spend our time right there?

By the way, El Remanso is 4 miles from Tapalpa, right by El Nogal lake. A mere 2 hour drive from Guadalajara.
Have a great day!

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Unknown said...

que lugar tan lindo!! me encanto que pusieran sillas en el muelle para quedarte ahi a relajarte, tienes que pasarme los precios jeje a ver si un dia me lanzo!