Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brands - Foscarini

One of the things I like the most in decorating is lighting. It's just mouthwatering to me. Along with mirrors, they are priceless accesories, for they can turn any room into something really special. Well, I'm so in love into Italian firm Foscarini, and its gorgeous designs. I only wish somebody would sell them in my hometown, Guadalajara, México. =(

They are truly something. My very favorites are the ones in the last picture, from the tropic collection.

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dmLights said...

Hi Rocio

Great post. We also love the Foscarini lamps. They are amazing and make a home so much more special.

Foscarini has a very wide range of great lighting and we offer them on our website We also ship to Mexico.

The Tropico collection is one of the finest and have some different types. You can find them on

We'd love to see more. Nice blog and very interesting.