Monday, August 8, 2011

Powder Blue

via HGTV

Gorgeous home of Jennifer López in California, via veranda

J.Lo's amazingly beautiful kitchen. veranda

One of my all-time favorite colors is blue. I love its range of tones, from deep, ocean blue, to aqua. While turquoise is still one of my top ranked, I've come to realize that for my home walls I like having a softer tone, one that doesn't steal attention from the decor, but instead, enhances it. And that's where Powder Blue comes handy. I love it. I even love its name. It is an idillic color because it combines blue's natural serenity with gray's neutrality. Plus, it looks amazing in any room!
Actually, I'm thinking about using powder blue for one of my rooms at home. Can you tell which one it is?
Hoping your week is going great!

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