Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I heart scarves. REALLY love them.

Now that the chilly weather seems to finally have arrived to town, these long friends of mine help me feel cozy without adding too much clothes on. I guess I fancy feeling my neck warm.

I want to share with you some really easy-to-do scarves to try this winter. When I say easy I actually mean ridiculously easy. Believe it. I'm a crochet beginner.

I got the inspiration for this scarf last year as I was glancing things at a store. I suddenly saw a beautiful, curly scarf, and thought to myself: "This should be very easy to do. Even for myself". So I tried to figure out how it was actually made. I'm not sure if it was very accurate, but I least I was able to translate it into a beautiful, curly scarf of my own.

I like it! Of course it helps that I love the colors (they even look like the colors on the blog!).

This is how it looks like on:

After realizing I was indeed able to crochet it, I felt like I wanted to make another one for my daughter. I liked red, since she can wear it for school.

I like how it looks like a red rose in bloom. I actually figured how to crochet the little hearts in the ends, to give it a fun twist for her.

Lovely, huh? ( AND it's also very easy)

I love wearing it myself.

Now I do have to apologize for not giving you any tutorials. As I said, I made these last year, when I hadn't met the bloggosphere. I didn't take pictures of the process either.

BUT, I promise I'll tell you how I made them. They're so easy I can remember and explain. Just give me time to sit and write it all down. It's a promise.

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Lisa said...

I love scarves, too...these are great