Friday, November 27, 2009

The So Called Foyer

Remember the first room into our house, back in the house tour?

It's supposed to be a foyer of some kind, a little room for us to receive guests into our home. Mmmhhh. We're thinking: do we really need this? ¿Would it be useful?

We didn't quite think so. Our house doesn't even have enough rooms (and all of them are small). We do need a family/tv room, since we don't want a tv in any of our bedrooms (at least not our first tv), nor the living/ dining room.

So once we were settled, and bought the tv, we started making some little changes: we painted one of the walls with a rosy kind of brown. I wasn't sure about the color at the store, especially with so many interesting options, but I absolutely looooved the final result. Then we used a couple of sofas my brother and sister gave us (they're a bit overused and they actually don't fit right in the area, but I have plans for them while we're able to buy new ones). With those changes, the space became this:

We also used a couple of cube drawers we had from my daughter's former nursery for the TV.

That's how it looked until we had enough of it. Of course anything was better than nothing, but it looked very jammed! And the TV seemed to be falling down, all to one side!

Then a week ago we remembered we had an old coffee table waiting to be used. This seemed the perfect spot.

Voilá. A new TV stand in a matter of minutes (of dealing with wires and stuff):

Here's the before and after (after being meanwhile):

Our current family/tv room is a work in progress, I know it's far from what I'm dreaming it to be, but it has come a long way from where it started from! Best of all we didn't spend much on it (except for the paint).

What does your TV room look like? Is it a nice, relaxing space? Do share!

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Mikael@starter home to dream home said...

I LOVE the purple on the walls with the orange! I LOVE COLOR! Very nice. I want to use orange pillows in my living area... that is my next project