Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas House Tour

It's been a busy December, but I finally managed to finish our Chirstmas decor this year. Hurray! It's just a little touches here and there, but I love to see our holiday makeover. It makes me happy.

Welcome to our merry Christmas Home!

On the door, one of the pine cone wreaths I made a few weeks ago.

I loved the way this very wreath looked in the powder room, so I used another one to embelish the space for our guests and us. I also placed some pinecones for a Christmas accent.

In the kitchen, I've added a few sparkles of red and white here and there.

Remeber my ornament display in the basket on top of the microwave?

Now here comes my favorite part of all: our living room.
Our tree is wearing the last minute skirt I made for it.

I love the way my centerpiece turned out.
Especially being soooo easy! I just placed the elements and arranged them to look pretty.
(I changed the candles for these ones I found on sale -2 dollars each! But my previous centerpiece looked also very cute).

Of course I'm also very proud of the way our tree turned out too. I used some ornaments I had bought last Christmas.

But I also used the snowflake ornaments I made earlier this month.

And of course, pinecones!

As a topper, I made a larger snowflake ornament (exact same steps). This time I chose red to give it more contrast.

Eventhough I'm not hosting any dinners this year, I love the way our little Casa Haus looks these holidays. Makes me happy!

Happy Holidays!!!!!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

HI, Rocio, no you're not too late! I left the party open for a week so others could join & the links will be up permanently. THank you for coming by! I love, love all of your CHristmas decor. The pinecone wreaths are just adorable, as is the snowflake ornaments. You have a great eye for crafting. I hope you'll come by & visit me often, I'm always up to some fun DIY projects.

{leah} said...

Cute Christmas tree!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on my big day!

{I'll be back.... {read in the terminator voice :) }

Joaquín Flores said...

Hola nena!
Me encanta todo lo que haces aquí!
Te amo!
Te veo más tarde!
Me encanta ser parte de tu vida!
Bye amor.

Hi baby!
I love all that you do on your blog.
I love you!
See you soon!
It´s a pleasure to be part of your life.
Bye babe!

Katie said...

That is great! I love the pinecone wreath!

Erika said...

You have a really beautiful holiday decoration here :)
Holiday hugs, Erika

Unknown said...

I'm having a terrific time visiting everyone's home.
All the decorations are just beautiful! Thank you for the tour!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Everything is so pretty. You did a lovely job.

Thanks for posting to the party.


Flory said...

I can't believe all the things you did with pine cones. Last month I had my twins collect all the pine cones from my front lawn and then we threw them out behind the woods - had I known. :)

Your decorations look great!

lemonologie said...

Your decorations are lovely!