Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing Bookshelves

Our house is tiny and it's got zero storage areas. On the other hand, I've got tons of books. It's tough. Most of my belongings are still at my parent's place.

So, most days I'm daydreaming about installing bookshelves around our place. I would love to have them everywhere: the living room, the tv room, our master bedroom. I find them a lovely way to accesorize and add interest to any space.

So today's Eye Candy is on bookshelves. Look at these unusual ones!

What a beautiful way to showcase books in the living room!

Notice the cute little wooden branch? Isn't it a beautiful bookshelf?

Sooooo practical! Love it!

Now that's cool!

Again with the tree theme. I'm in love with trees and them decorating spaces!!!

A subtle change in the branch style.

These are flexi tubes... I love the simple aesthetics on this one.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Huge storage space!

Which one's your favorite?

All images via toxel

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

I think the 4th one down is the coolest, but if I were going out to buy something, I would end up picking the 3rd one, the "practical" one. I wouldn't mind getting one like that for my son's room.

I love all of the storage space the last one has to offer, but you would have to have quite a bit of space to start with and I don't like the curve over onto the ceiling - sort of macabe, like it is growing and taking and devouring the room.

The first one is very unique and would be a good way to display books if you didn't have kids in the house. I can see my son spilling one of his energy drinks and getting books all sticky.

I like the tree themed ones too, but I know I would end up sticking knicknacks on/in them and still need a book case.