Friday, January 1, 2010

Best of 2009

Happy New Year, friends!!!
I'm so excited to be starting off a new year. 2010.
Amazing, huh?

I hope y'all had a wonderful time last night, and wish you the best in 2010.

I'm starting this new year by doing a tiny little recap on last year, for those new to Casa Haus or those who would like to walk with me down Memory Lane.

2009 was an excellent year for us. We had just gotten married in August 2008, so 2009 meant settling down and arranging our little house to make it feel like home. As I started looking through the internet for inspiration, I bumped into the bloggosphere, and man, did that change me (for good, I hope). I suddenly realized I wasn't the only crazy woman thinking about her home and her decoration 24/7. That felt amazing!!!! I actually got to know more people like me, and so I let my obsession loose. House-aholic. Design-aholic. Yay!

However, that wasn't enough, so in early November I decided to start my own blog, the good ol' little Casa Haus. A place meant for you to find good design, inspiration, home decor, and a journal for my adventures making our house our home while doing everything else (you know, work, exercise, housekeeping, kid, you name it). I couln't have started off in a busier time of year, so blogging, my friends, has become one truly wonderful journey.

So, best of 2009.

Since I started blogging in November, my projects so far have revolved around the holidays. I begun by introducing you to our Halloween home.

Those decorations were so fun and easy to make. We loved them!

I showed you the beautiful twirly scarves I had made for the chilly weather. And of course, I posted on the lovely heart too.

Then Christmas time came fast.

I made a pine cone wreath, and got really excited when Centsational Girl featured it.

I made easy snowflake ornaments for our tree.

And a bunch of other last minute decorations.

In the end, our Christmas House looked cute!

And of course, there was time for easy and yummy recipes, too.

The tasty hot punch (in a cappuccino cup).

And the refreshing red wine punch.

And of course, there was time to feature some great interior design inspirations and eye candy.

What an excellent year!

What were your best experiences 2009 left you? What are your expectations for 2010?
Do share!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You accomplished a lot of things in 2009. Love that pinecone wreath. Thanks for joining the party!

Autum said...

Your pinecone wreath is beautiful and the little heart would be great to make for Valentine's day! I'm definitely going to try the wine punch. Thanks!!