Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cool, Tiny Kitchen

I LOVE happy places, and this is one of them: a tiny kitchen that can even acomodate two people for lunch. Pick a bright color, like this turquoise, if you'd like to spruce up your room. Everything looks so neat and in order, thanks to the white shelves. I'm especially fond of the spice garden by the window.


imagen: wohn idee


Patti G said...

aaaah que linda estaaa!!! mi cocina es muy peque;a pero sin estilo jajaja la vdd es que me encantaria tener un jardin como el de la foto porque muy poquitas cosas hacen una graaaan diferenciaa!

Christen said...

turquoise is such a happy color. Love this kitchen!

I'm following you now too :)

Flory said...

I love how bright this little kitchen looks.

ana said...

Gorgeous Kitchen! is just perfect!