Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twirly Scarf How To

Hi y'all! As I promised, I've been working on telling you how to make your own twirly scarf for the chilly weather.

Remember these?

Well, here it is:

Twirly Scarf - Instructions

  • Chain 100 (this length is the actual scarf length, so you can make it as long or short as you wish).

  • Chain 3, sc in third chain from hook, chain 3, sc every two chains all the way to the end.

  • Chain 3, tr in first loop. Then work 6 tr in same first loop. Work 8 tr in each loop till the end.

  • Last loop: 5 tr, 2 dc, 1 hdc

  • Fasten off. Weave in end. You're done!

This is a very simple scarf, easy enough to play with. You can make it longer or shorter, slightly or very twirly (this depends on the number of tr you insert in each loop). You can also play with the type of yarn and needle you choose to work with. For these ones, I chose a light, acrylic yarn, and used a crochet hook size H (5.0 mm). Remember always to have fun!

I'll be posting the instructions for the heart soon, hope to see you by then!

I'm linking this to Kimba's A Soft Place to Land DIY Day.


The DIY Show Off said...

So pretty! Now I just need to learn how to crochet. I will, one of these days. :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I wish I knew how to knit!!! I love that twirly scarf :)

Chatterbox said...

Wow! what a wonderful twirly scarf :)
Can't wait to learn to make my own hand knit heart.

Keep up the wonderful work.


Millennium Housewife said...

Whoa! That looks hard, perhaps a glass of wine will help....nope still looks pretty impossible.

A Frugal Life said...

Such a cute scarf! Thanks for the instructions.

M said...

So Cute!!! I need to break out the knitting needles again!