Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flexible, Environmentally-friendly Furniture

I'd like to share with you this amazing chair by Flexible Love.

The amazing thing about it is that it's an expandable chair, and it can turn into a chair long enough to sit 8 or 16 people (depending on the model). This flexibility brings tremendous versatility to it, since you can arrange it in many different ways. Imagine the posibilites! And it's a space saver (when folded, it's narrower than a regular chair).  

Best thing about it is it's made of recycled paper and wood waste... ain't she sweet? And don't let yourself be fooled by its looks, cardboard is strong enough to hold many people on top of it.

The chair was designed by Chishen Chiu, from Taiwan, and if you're interested, it's available at Flexible Love for almost anywhere in the world. Its price is 250 euros for the 8 people version, and 490 euros for the 16 people version. Not bad considering it sits so many people, huh?

Now, would anybody out there like to get me one, pretty please? ;)

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