Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Heart Damask

Damaskas you probably are well aware of, is one of the lattest, trendiest patterns in design. I must truly say I have a crush on it. It's gorgeous! (Hmmm... notice something peculiar on the background?) 

Damask was so in in the late 1960's and the following 1970's. So heavy and over-the-top, it became history for over a decade. You must remember it from your grandma's furniture, perhaps?
Do you remember now? Waaaaay too much!

Well, damask is back, but it has undergone an awesome make-over. The curvy shapes are staying, but the design is modern and sleek, using two colors instead of the many more that were used before. Now, damask is a great patter to use as an accent or a focal point in a room (with more-than-fab results).
via decorpad wallpaper
via decorpad
Nowadays, it's easy to find damask in almost any kind of decoration and design. You can find it in strong or subtle combinations, perfect to suit your desing wishes. Yay! This is precisely why I want to show you some great damask items for inspiration.

cross design chair

zimbio damask table lamp
archiexpo azulejo damasco
And of course, my favorite:
Wait a sec, what's that? Am I thinking about babies (again)? Though it would be nice someday soon. =)

By the way, my daughter absolutely loved damask for her room. I really hope to get started on it soon!

Do you like Damask as much as I do?

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