Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great (and Easy) Ideas for Your Master Bedroom

Every so often I find myself delighted with gorgeous images in magazines and decor blogs. However, a lot of the ideas pictured there are a little difficult to do in my very own house, due to a lack of time, money or space.

BUT, since that cannot hold us from transforming our house into our dream home, I've come up with a a few great ideas for our Master Bedroom, and making it gorgeous and sexy.  ;)
The big plus? They are easy and affordable. Yeay!

1. Get rid of clutter.

Ever noticed how magazine shots show perfect rooms? No sign of clutter?
Having an organized room and NO clutter gives a boost to the Master B. It's and immediate, wonderful change. You can't except to have an amazingly sexy room when clothes are all around the floor and there are a million thing on the tables and bed. Nope. Doesn't sound nice at all.

As Feng Shui (and common sense) do tell, mess generates chaos, while order brings serenity to our lives.
A great idea is to clean up clutter every night before going to bed. That way it'll be really easy to keep it in order.  ;)

2. Make your bed

Ok, I don't want to sound like a mom right now, but this is something they got it right all the time. Once again, a mess vs order thing, see?  

You don't need to have the most luxurious duvet nor the latest trends in beddings. A well made bed is beautiful and appealing. And it makes an excellent focal point in the room.

3. Set the mood with lights

I think I'll never get tired of the hypnotic power of lamps and lights. In the bedroom, lighting has a major role, because it helps set the mood you want (romantic, relaxing, you name it).

Of course, the first choice are the side tables, but don't limit yourself. And remember candles are more than welcome, so get creative on this one.

4. Dare to use color

Paint is probably the best way to transform any room, and the Master Bedroom is no exception. It's a great way to give life and help you setting the mood, once again. Don't be afraid. Results are generally amazing with just little effort and money. If you don't like it, you can always repaint.

How to choose the best color? To me, this is not a one answer question. However, you might be able to make your mind by thinking about your favorite colors. Then a good question to ask yourself is what feeling each of them transmit to you. What do you want in your room? Are you looking for energy, serenity, romanticism? Options are endless.

There's no need to paint the whole room. In fact, I always prefer to paint one wall: the one where the bed goes. It's generally the one that has the highest impact in the room.

5. The "boutique"look

To achieve the "boutique" look, as hotel rooms do, focus on details. For instance, add some flowers in a simple arrangement.

Or place a throw on the bed.
If there's enough room in your room, a chair with a great pillow is an excellent way to go.

Do you have any ideas to share?

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